Magic Reindeer Food Premium Blend Christmas Eve Tradition Favorite for Santa & Rudolph

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Rudolph's Favorite Treat!
Safe & fun for Little Ones
Unlock the Magic of Santa & Your Child's Imagination
A Christmas Eve Tradition
Ensures Santa Can find your child

Santa's reindeer work very hard on Christmas Eve and deserve a special treat! Start a Christmas Eve Tradition with Magic Reindeer Food. Just Sprinkle this outside & Rudolph will guide Santa and his reindeer straight to you!

Suitable for Gift Giving / Handcrafted in the USA
Thoughtful Way to Show How Much you Care!

Each is individually handcrafted and embellished with Magical Details, and touch of glitter.

A fabulous holiday tradition, make a unique gift for someone special, become a cherished holiday memory.
A Reminder of our past,... reflection of our loved ones,... a look to the future...